25 - 30 June 2023

Prohibited & Restricted Items At Venues

Prohibited items include:

  • Any item that is illegal to carry or possess under UK Law
  • Offensive weapons, knives, martial arts weapons and batons. Exceptions: Kirpan when present with other Sikh articles of faith. Sgian-dubh worn as part of traditional Scottish dress.
  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted at any venue.
  • Firearms: including hoax or replica items.
  • Fireworks, flares, and other pyrotechnic devices.
  • Incapacitant sprays (e.g, pepper spray).
  • Offensive messaging: via any materials such as clothing, banners, posters or flags.
  • Alcoholic beverages: Prohibited, unless purchased or supplied from within the Venue.
  • Clothing, items, or signage with the likely purpose of engaging in Ambush Marketing.
  • Bicycles and other items with wheels. Exception: mobility scooters and other wheeled mobility aids.
  • Portable oxygen cylinders unless for medical use only.
  • Glass bottles or containers.
  • Laser pointers, strobe lights and similar emitting devices.
  • Noise making devices unless at specified venues communicated in the Spectator Guide.
  • Protest items and materials unless authorised by the Organising Committee or Metropolitan Police.
  • Drones, radio transmitters, walkie talkies, radio scanners or radio jamming devices.
  • Balls, rackets, frisbees or similar objects or projectiles.
  • Flammable substances, liquids and fuel including no naked flames.

Restricted items include:

  • Food: limited amount for personal consumption and non-commercially branded. Reasonable amounts of baby food, milk and formula
  • Bags: needs to be able to fit under the seat
  • Umbrella, selfie sticks: umbrellas can be bought however they cannot be put up in the venue in areas where it would inhibit the view of competition or training activities for others
  • Only mobile phones, single external (mobile phone) power sources, personal use cameras or lenses of no more than 30cm in length will be allowed. No professional and broadcast equipment including tripods and monopods are allowed except for accredited media.
  • Animals: with the exception of certified assistance dogs
  • Chairs, folding chairs, stadium seats, allowed when required for a disability or injury
  • Prams/baby carriers: but these are not allowed in seating areas, but can be left in buggy storage at venues.
  • Flag poles over 2m.
  • Medicines: Medically prescribed in quantity for individual personal use, commercially packaged, and labelled with contents

Security reserves the right to confiscate prohibited items brought onto the venue. This list is subject to change. There are no bag storage facilities at the venue for spectators.