London 25 – 30 June 2023

People power igla

We rely on the fantastic volunteer work of a huge number of amazing individuals to plan, deliver and host IGLA.


Whether it’s helping plan the championship programme or accrediting athletes from around the world when they arrive, there are a huge number of ways you can get involved to make IGLA London 2023 an event to remember. 

How you can get involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved in helping IGLA London 2023 be a championships to remember.

Be it helping us plan the nitty gritty bit that makes for a smooth championship, to being on the ground at the events as one of our friendly faces, everyone can get involved. 

Delivery Groups

These roles will take place prior to the Championships to help support in the planning and preparation of the various different elements of delivering a successful meet. 


Championship Crew volunteers are essential to running the event, supporting everything from accreditation, social events to needs of athletes and technical officials.

Current Oppenings

Currently, we have a number of openings in the delivery group. Even a few hours of volunteering goes a long way and taking part is an incredible experience in supporting your community.


Open roles include:

  • Registrations Lead(s) – working with our contractor to help set up this essential system.
  • Community & Culture Director – leading the team planning our parties and events, together with Pride in London and the GLA.
  • Operations Director – coordinating the team working to ensure everything non-sports goes smoothly
  • Partnerships & Sponsorships Lead – securing additional financial support and fundraising opportunities.
  • Workforce & Volunteer Manager – helping to coordinate the training and organisation of the crew on the ground.
  • Merchandising Lead – creating fantastic items to remember the games with.
  • Delivery Board Secretary – supporting the delivery group ensuring everyone is to top of their tasks.
If you are interested in volunteering or want to find out more you can reach out to here.

Not interested in any of these roles by still want to be involved? 


We’re always in need of a range of skills and knowledge to support the delivery of the championships. Be it an official, first aider or project manager, if you’re excited to be involved please get in touch above and we would love to get you onboard. 


There are a number of working groups that are helping to deliver IGLA London 2023. Here is a brief overview of them for you to see where you might be interested in getting involved. 

Our Delivery Board holds overall strategic oversight of the delivery of IGLA London 2023.

Behind all great events there is the need for solid finances. The Finance & Partnerships Group will help keep us on track and in budget. They will also be critical to developing kep partnerships with sponsors and pro-bono partners to help deliver a championship to remember. 

Join the Championships Operations Group to help deliver the key infrastructure for the world’s largest LGBTQ+ aquatics event. We work with key partners such as The Mayor of London, Swim England, LLDC and GLL to ensure a safe and entertaining event for all. The Championships Operations Group also takes the lead on volunteer engagement and plays a crucial role in recruiting, supporting, training and motivating our amazing volunteers. 

The Sports Delivery Group will ensure that all the requirements of each sporting event are met. From technical standards, officials to facilities this group is the cornerstone of the whole championships, working to ensure all our athletes can compete to the highest standards.    

Our Communications & Marketing Group will play a pivotal part in delivering our digital presence and global engagement. They are responsible for the design and development of our website and branded material from social media to print. 

The Community & Culture Group will deliver IGLA London 2023’s culture, community and social programmes. Join us as we plan and execute daily events throughout the championships, including the opening & closing parties. The Community & Culture Group will also work closely with key partners like Pride in London, Pride in Water and UK Black Pride to expand the reach and impact of the championships. 

Championship Crew volunteers are essential to running the event, supporting everything from accreditation, social events to the needs of athletes and technical officials. We’re looking for enthusiastic people to join the organisation so we can provide a platform for every part of London’s LGBT+ sporting community. 

Current Openings

Let's make history together

We rely on the fantastic volunteer work of a huge number of amazing individuals to plan, deliver and host IGLA.


Our volunteers will be part of every step of the journey at IGLA London 2023, from planning to the final goodbyes, there are plenty of roles as diverse as the community we’re part of. We need project managers, registration support, IT specialists, venue dressers, medal bearers, timekeepers and everything in between.