25 - 30 June 2023

Media Center

We value the role the media plays in sharing our messages across the globe and sparking essential dialogue about subjects and problems that are crucial to our community.

Taking about IGLA London 2023

Our organisation’s name is London IGLA 2023 CIC and the event is ‘IGAL London 2023’. We are administered separately from Out To Swim. 

Can I use your logo?
Use of our logo is reserved for sponsors and media.


Can I use your images?

Use of our images is reserved for sponsors and media. Where used a credit for the photographer must be included. Should you wish to use our images for media use, please get in touch. 

Media Accreditation
Thank you for your interest in covering IGLA London 2023. We welcome applications from media organisations and individuals looking to share the IGLA spirit of inclusion and diversity in sports.  
Registration is now open for journalists, photographers, videographers. We welcome media from around the world to apply. 
 Please contact press@london2023.org for media accreditation queries and to be added to our press release list in order to receive upcoming media advisories.
If you are looking to cover the event we please ask you take the time to read this guide: 
General enquiries

For general media enquiries, please email press@london2023.org.