London 25 – 30 June 2023

About Us

London is set to welcome the world for an unforgettable week of inclusive aquatics. Discover what we stand for and meet the teams responsible for delivering this iconic sporting event.

About IGLA London 2023

IGLA London 2023 is a celebration of inclusion within aquatic sport as we welcome the international LGBTQ+ world championships to the UK for the first time!

900+ athletes from across the world and home nations are expected to decend on London for an unforgettable week of entertainment, community and extraordinary sporting moments!

With over 2000 years of queer history and community, there is nowhere quite like London to showcase yourself and join us in a celebration of inclusion and unity in sport. 

About IGLA

The IGLA Championships are the world LGBTQ+ aquatic championship hosted annually across the globe. The championships see athletes compete in 5 FINA regulated disciplines and the IGLA signature event, The Pink Flamingo.


IGLA’s mission is to promote participation in aquatic sports among LGBTQ+ people and allies of our community. They work to maintain the highest standards for aquatic competition, inclusion in sport, equality and integrity of fair competition. As the international body responsible for LGBTQ+ aquatics, they regulate all Gay Games and IGLA Championships.

The world’s biggest LGBTQ+ aquatics event

We expect to welcome between 900 and 1100 athletes to London across six aquatic disciplines. You can find out more about the sports involved here.


Delivering an IGLA championships is a huge undertaking, and were very grateful for the generous support of our partner organisations in hosting a games to remember! 


We’re engaging with a range of sponsorship partners to ensure the whole LGBTQ+ community can participate in IGLA London 2023. We value sponsorship partners who are seeking to actively engage with the LGBTQ+ community. Our sponsorship partnerships enable us to hold more events, make the championships more accessible and allow us to pay the artists, creatives and suppliers essential to the event.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a sponsorship partner, please reach out to us here

Showcase and develop your talent

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