25 - 30 June 2023

Gender Inclusion Policy

IGLA London 2023 is committed to inclusive and anti-discrimination practices in relation to all athletes. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our championships!


We understand that trans and non-binary athletes may face additional barriers and concerns when considering signing up for an IGLA event.


This page provides information regarding what to expect at IGLA London 2023. If you would like clarity on any of the points below, get in touch and let’s have a chat (access@london2023.org)


While the IGLA London 2023 championships are governed by the FINA and Swim England rules and regulations, we have organised the tournament under IGLA competition rules.


Here’s how it will work in practice:


FINA is the international body for swimming and IGLA London 2023 is running its swimming competition under FINA rules for the following two reasons:

  • to ensure we can record “official” times for swimmers who can then use these when later entering regional and national masters events;
  • to ensure we can properly certify the records achieved by LGBTQ+ people and allies participating in a major international aquatics tournament.


You may enter the tournament under any category male, female or open. You will receive medals in the event you have entered.


All results will be formally submitted to FINA/your national governing body under their system. Please be reassured that this information will only be publicly available in the UK if you ticked the box saying it could be published when registering with Swim England. Please refer to your own governing body if you are from outside the UK. Nobody (apart from those completing competition administration) will have access to this information. You have the right to opt out of data sharing with the NGBs and can do this by writing to privacy.officer@london2023.org.


Breaking records

As a FINA sanctioned event, any participant will be eligible to apply to have a FINA Masters World Record recognised by FINA. The process for doing that requires a form to be completed which asks for the participant to disclose that person’s sex and for a “Certifying Official” to attest that “All FINA Rules” have been followed. Those rules require anyone who is taking a banned substance to have a Therapeutic Use Exemption and testosterone. anti-estrogenic and other substances are banned.


An extremely small number of FINA world records are set at any IGLA event and there is no obligation on anyone who breaks a record to have it recognised by FINA. We will celebrate you and your record regardless.


You do not need a Therapeutic Use Exemption form to compete at IGLA 2023 if you are on hormone treatment.


There will be an open category for our water polo tournament and teams will be mixed gender, with no specific gender quota. The women’s water polo league is open to all trans women. If you cannot find a team, please email waterpolo.admin@outtoswim.org, London Orca Women’s A team are always looking for new players.

Swimwear Requirements

There are some swimwear requirements when competing at IGLA London 2023, although these are not generally arduous. If you are unsure, you can contact access@london2023.org for advice.


In general terms there are two different standards of swimwear.


  • If you are seeking to achieve a record, your swimwear must be approved by FINA and clearly bare the “Approved by FINA” mark. 
    For more details, please refer to the FINA guide here: fina.org/swimming/approved-swimwear
    FINA has a service to check your swimsuit here: approved.swimwear.fina.org

  • For all other competitors, swimwear should follow Swim England’s Swimwear Guidance, details of which can be found here: swimming.org/library/documents/5554/download


Open Water:

Open Water additionally permits the use of wetsuits. Please refer to the Open Water entry pack for more details.


London Aquatics Centre (LAC)

The LAC changing facilities are individual unisex cubicles with communal showers, the toilets in the changing rooms are gendered. There are some unisex individual toilets, but these are not conveniently located next to the pools. At some times during the tournament, adjacent pools may be open to the general public.


Britannia Leisure Centre (BLC)

BLC changing facilities are individual unisex cubicles with communal showers and a couple of shower cubicles. The toilets are gender neutral. Throughout the tournament, adjacent pools may be open to the general public.


Docklands Sailing and Water Sports Centre (Millwall Dock)

DSWC has separate women’s and men’s changing rooms. There are female and male toilets on the way into each changing room and an additional accessible toilet. Some competitors choose to change under a robe on dockside and this is generally accepted practice in the UK Open Water community.