25 - 30 June 2023

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Are you ready to come together and explore some of the best of queer London nightlife? 

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Vintage Drinks

Outppost Building S5, Unit 5, IQL,, London

Out To Swim London Swimming would like to invite all of our vintage swimmers to a cocktail evening at Outppost Bar in Stratford.  The event will start from 1800 hours… Continue reading Vintage Drinks


Join in the closing party for free

To celebrate the closing of The IGLA London 2023 Championships, we would like to invite you to a fun evening of dancing at EartH in Hackney.


These tickets are available to everyone, if you are a participant (someone who has paid for the IGLA registration fee) you are able to get a free ticket!


We expect to welcome 1000+ athletes to London across six disciplines.

You can find out more about the sports involved here.