25 - 30 June 2023

Registration fees

The cost of participating in IGLA London 2023 consists of two fees, a Participation fee and a Sports fee. For those attending in a supporting role but not participating there are “support fees”.



Your IGLA Participation fee covers the infrastructure of the championships, and you’ll receive a participation medal, a welcome pack, training facility access and access to Pink Flamingo. Sports fees vary depending on the expenses of the sport in question. 

Participation Fees

IGLA London 2023 Registration (early bird)

Sold Out

£65 pp

IGLA London 2023 Registration£90 pp
Swim England Temporary Membership*£15.70 pp

* only required if not a member of a FINA-registered club

Sports Fees
Artistic Swimming (per routine)£15 pp
Diving£30 pp
Open Water£30 pp
Swimming (for entry in up to 5 events)£75 pp
Swimming Relay Team£20 per team
Water Polo£60 pp

If you are attending as a supporting member of staff for your team, you will need to register as a non-participating individual through the sports portal.

Support Fees
Team Manager (non-participating)£15 pp
Coach (non-participating)£15 pp
Para competitor chaperoneFree