25 - 30 June 2023

Sign up now to take part in Pride in London

1 Jul 2023 – Join UK’s biggest, most diverse Pride. A home for every part of London’s LGBT+ community.


Over 600 IGLA participants and volunteers will have the chance to dance through the streets as part of the Pride in London Parade on July 1st 2023. Now is your chance to sign up and be part of one of the world’s biggest pride events.

This year our colour scheme will be Blue for aquatics.


It is an Out To Swim tradition that we dance down the streets of London with a fabulous routine. This year we’ll be strutting our stuff to Kylie’s Padam Padam


You’ll find more details about the plans on the booking page.


Tickets are first come, first serve, so be quick!

Dance Routine

Step by step dance routine instruction video:


Rehearsal Schedule:

Rehearsals will be held the week of IGLA around the competition times – check back here for more information soon.